We are no longer asking for a seat. We are bringing the whole damn table.

It starts here. It starts now.

And it starts with you.  
You started your business on your own but you don't have to do it alone.

Here's a seat at my table. Let's sit here together while we build yours.

The coffee is strong, there's no small talk, and the seats are hot.

This is my invitation to lock arms with me as we smash this ceiling together.
SELF-MADE is not just another mastermind. 
It's is a hybrid of training, coaching, hot-seats, and connecting, together with a group of other ambitious women.

SELF-MADE isn’t just a revolution about earning money and creating your own empire, but it’s also a revolution to trust and know that when you show up 100% completely in alignment as yourself - THAT is how do you attract and create money. 

It’s not about trying to look at me or do what other people are doing. 

SELF-MADE is about showing up as your 100% true authentic Self.
SELF-MADE is now LIVE. Spots are extremely limited.
Claim Your Seat at the table:
SELF MADE is for you if:
  • You are a female founder and CEO ready to level up and go from bootstrapped to making bank.
  • ​You are ready to go from stuck, stressed, overworked and underpaid entrepreneur to that CEO you dreamt of being when you started your business.
  • ​You have hit a plateau in your business and don't know where/what/how to break through.
  • ​You are ready to level up you income, scale back your time, and create true impact in your business.
  • ​You currently have an online business and you're ready to makes more impact.
  • You have a brick and mortar but have been wondering how to get it online.
  • This is for you if you are ready to join a Revolution of Self Made Women smashing the glass ceiling and normalizing 6 and 7 Figure Female Founders and CEO's.
I am an e-commerce expert, business scale strategist and self-made millionaire.

I started my business from my basement with a maxed out credit card and scaled it to 8-Figures within 4 years. I have helped dozens of self-made CEO's do the same. I am on a mission to lock arms with hardworking self-made women who are ready to smash the ceiling and start a revolution Self-Made Female Founders to achieve the same abundance in their lives.

My secret weapon is finding the gold on the ground in any business and teaching you the most effective, long term strategy to scale, grow and automate without adding more time.

I've learned the lessons and paid the price so that you don't have to. I've been where you are and I know exactly what it takes to get you where you want to be ( because I did that too).

I'm opening up the seats at my table and ready to continue the Revolution of the Self-made Woman. I can't wait to sit with you.
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